• Molica Chau, is a self taught watercolor/digital art artist from Tacoma, Washington. Her love for art has immensely transcended and formed its path into her everyday life.
  • Besides dedicating her time to Youth Development, she is also attending the University of Washington to receive her BA in Global Studies. She is also on the Metro Parks Tacoma Arts and Heritage Advisory Council.  

     Her ultimate goal is to start a non-profit organization called The Art of Giving Back, where she can coincide art events and charities, to cultivate the power of compassion and tackling social issues while bridging gaps between communities in urban, rural areas and third world countries. 

    She is completely obsessed with hands, tattoos and grungy, freaky art. Her sarcasm, realness and rawness bleeds through her art and is mildly offensive...and she likes it that way. 

    Please contact me for commission pieces. 

    Enjoy & Peace